A cat and a dog cuddle together in the grass

Preventing rabies in furbabies

Rabies can affect all mammals, like pet cats and dogs. Typically passed through bites or scratches from infected mammals, rabies is a deadly viral disease that attacks the nervous system. In dogs, symptoms can manifest in disorientation, aggression, unusual shyness, along with seizures, paralysis, and foaming at the mouth. 

While Singapore is free of rabies, infection risks spread with the introduction of pets from unlicensed sources. Here’s what you can do to keep your pets safe: 

  • Ensure the pets you adopt, buy, or interact with, are from legal and licensed sources
  • Get your dog licensed and microchipped to help with traceability 
  • If you’re traveling with your pet, ask your vet about the rabies vaccine

Singapore has been rabies-free since 1953, let’s keep it that way 🧡

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